Best Online Music Service: Choose One at Your Doorstep

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There is many kinds of music streaming assistance to choose from. Most of them have more affinities than differences, giving you access to a wide variety of songs for around $10 per month. But any options appeal more to people with particular interests, and companies regularly roll out new features to fight for consumers’ attention.

Most music streaming services allow an unpaid trial period. Many allow a free tier;

  • Amazon Music Unlimited & Prime Music
  • Amazon Music HD
  • LiveXLive
  • Pandora
  • Apple Music
  • Idagio
  • Spotify
  • Tidal
  • YouTube Music
  • Primephonic
  • SiriusXM

1. Amazon Music HD

$15 per month for individualsAccess to 60 million filesFiles compressed differences are subtle once higher than about 320 Kbps
$13 for prime membersStreamed at up to 850 kbpsHigh-quality files can burn through your data
Family plans covering $20More than double the maximum you find other services
New customers can get a free 90-day test driveThe real prize is the collection of “millions” of tracks
Streamed uncompressed, 24-bit lossless flac (free lossless audio codec) files.

2. Amazon Music Unlimited & Prime Music

Prime Music is included with Amazon PrimeAd-free, on-demand servicesDual music plans can be confusing
Amazon’s paid subscription service costs $13 per month or $119 per annum.Access to 60 million songsMore than 2 million songs
Amazon Music Unlimited requires $8 per month for membersThousands of hand-curated playlistsStill a thinner selection than other offers
$10 per month for non-Prime membersPersonalized stations
Free three-month trialOn amazon speaker, summon songs using alex
Family plan special rate of $4 per month if signed up thru Amazon Echo deviceGet additional content like commentary from selected artists.
One caveat: Music Unlimited only on that single device.

3. Apple Music

Individuals pay $10 per monthLibrary of 60 million songsDesktop app for Windows is a bit clunky
$15 for up to six family membersAccessed on devices operating macos, windows, ios, or androidListen to Apple Music in a browser to get a streamlined experience
Discounted rate of $5 for studentsThemed playlists to discover new music
No free tierExclusive early releases from famous artists
Get a three-month free trial.Stream directly from a homepod
No need to connect a phone
Novel feature to search for songs using lyrics

4. Idagio

$10 per monthEasy to dig up favorite classical tracksDoesn’t have music which outside the realm of classical music
Free two-week trial periodSearch by composer, performers, even recording date
Try the service before committingServices like apple music and spotify where it gets harder to find a specific channel.
Students get 50 percent offNumber of browsing tools
Free tier availableCurated playlists
Sort by various instruments
Choose to stream high-quality audio files
No extra charge

5. LiveXLive

Streaming radio is free with adsAccess to stations like ABC News and ESPN RadioGeared toward listening to stations
$4 per month without adsUsual music genres availableNot streaming tracks on demand
For $10, get access to an on-demand music libraryA bit difficult to navigate
Student discount availablThe website can be a challenge
No trial period for the paid service
A more laid-back listening experience
Focuses on streaming live performances
Get access to streams from concerts

6. Pandora

Free with adsEasy to get startedMaximum audio quality
$5 per month without adsTell pandora what you want to hearIsn’t as high as its competitors
For $10 per monthCreate a channel with selections from that artist
Ad-free streaming radioTweak to match tastes
On-demand libraryApps are available for web browsers, android, ios smartphones, smart speakers
$15 family plan available
Offers free trial sessions for the paid plans
Discounts for students & divisions of the military.

7. Primephonic

Charges two different ratesSimple and intuitiveMight not serve as your only origin for music streaming
It depends on audio qualityNew albums are added frequentlyIt has only classical music
$10 per month for lower-quality filesVariety of playlistsNo desktop app
$15 per month for higher-quality filesCurated by well-known artistsNeed to initiate a web browser to receive on a computer
Free 14-day trialFocus on new releasesThe sound quality of the primary package should be more than sufficient
More obscure artists and labels
A nice bonus for listenersv
Optional high-quality streaming package

8. SiriusXM Essential and SiriusXM Premier

Launched “Outside the Car” packagesWide variety of optionsCall customer service to end subscription
Let users without satellite radios listenA significant upgrade over local radio stationsConvoluted, time-consuming process
Use an app or a web browser.With good cell service and an unlimited data plan, stream to car stereo from phoneChoosing a package is complicated
The essential package costs $8 per month
– Hundreds of channels like comedy, sports, talk radio, on-demand shows
– Commercial-free music with skippable tracks
Cheaper access to the same content than other offersSatellite radio tiers
For a $22 upgrade to All Access
– Adds two dedicated play-by-play sports and Howard Stern channels
New users need to select from 10 subscription options
No free trialConfusing variety of offerings
Discounted rates for the first infrequent months of each packageOptional add-ons
Hidden fees
More challenging to navigate than competitors

9. Spotify

Stream music free with ads through desktop & web appsCombines an extensive library of popular songsThe on-demand song selection is limited to a small piece of tracks.
Premium tier costs $10 per month for individualsSeries of robust playlists
$15 for up to six family membersGeared toward specific activities and genres
Grants ad-free on-demand accessConsumers get music for particular situations
Students discounted rate of $5Podcasts and original programming available
Get free access to hulu (with commercials)Best for the student who wants a tv streaming service
30-day trial period availableSpotify works with a mixture of connected devices
Desktop apps are ready for macos & windows
Mobile apps are ready for android and ios.

10. Tidal

Tidal has many tiersOffers CD-quality$20 per month is steep
Initiates at $10 per month for standard audio qualityHigh-res audioPrime members can receive amazon music hd for $13
$20 per month unlocks high-resolution audioThe library features 60 million songs and 250,000 videosNot be able to detect the difference with the high-quality files
Discounted plans for families, students, and the military availableGreat for hip-hop and R&B fansCan use up small cellular data plans pretty quickly
A free one-month trial.Offerings are particularly comprehensiveWide selection of tracks
Stream at cd quality
The entire library isn’t available in high resolution
Can’t upload own songs.

11. YouTube Music

Free with adsUsers’ ability to upload up to 100,000On the free tier of Youtube Music
Youtube music premium is ad-freeOwn audio files to stream from the cloudCan’t lock the phone screen
Costs $10 per monthFree of chargeCan’t switch over to another app, or the music stops
$15 per month for familiesThe best option for peopleYoutube Music & Premium accessed via separate apps can be cumbersome
Free three-month trialCollection of tracks
Student discounts availableCan’t find it on streaming services
A google-powered smart speaker can access free ad-supported playlists & stationsPremium tier extra offers
– Download music & videos for offline use.
Youtube confuses
– Costs $12 per month
– Includes the same music streaming service
– Ad-free videos
– Original video content.

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